Variable Phaser
This adaptive version of the powerful Phaser weapon can operate both in beam mode for sustained short ranged damage, and pulse mode for very long range point defense fire vs. BattleRiders.

Linked from: pulse phaser & Variable Laser.

Also requires Anti-matter & Point defense phaser

Variable PhaserEdit

Size: Medium
Mount: Standard
Technology: Variable Phaser
Cost: 7500
Crew: 1
Power: 8
Supply: 0
Signature: 2
HP: 100

Attributes: Energy

Armor Piercing Level: 0
Ricochet Modifier: -10
Critical Hit Rolls: 0
Critical Hit Bonus: 10%
Malfunction Percent: 5%
Malfunction Damage: 25
Weapon Type: Beam
Beam Damage Every: 0.5 sec.
Variable Phaser attack profile