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This heavy missile detonates 100 meters away from its target and uses the power of the blast to create an alloyed penetrator that cuts through very thick armor and cause devastating damage to the internal systems of a ship.

Notes Edit

This information valid for Version 25003.10

Thud Missiles release 1 AP Heavy Driver when they detonate 500 meters from the target. Please see that weapon for the damage pattern cased by a normal hit. The damage pattern shown below reflects what happens if the missile strikes something before detonating.

The damage upgrades from Anti-Matter Warheads and Reflex Warheads are not applied to Thud Missiles. However the Neutronium Rounds upgrade is applied to the AP Heavy Driver round released by the missile.

requires Kinetic Missiles

No Technologies are linked to from Thud Missiles.

Weapon Info Edit

Thud Missile Edit

Size: Heavy
Mount: Standard
Technology: Thud Missiles
Cost: 15000
Crew: 4
Power: 3
Supply: 12
Signature: 1
HP: 0
Attributes: Explosive, Stand Off, Tracking
Armor Piercing Level: 0
Ricochet Modifier: -10
Critical Hit Rolls: 0
Critical Hit Bonus: 0%
Malfunction Percent: 5%
Malfunction Damage: 300
Weapon Type: Missile
Flight Time: 60 sec.
Soti2 Thud Missile

damage IF missile hits something without detonating