Maintained by SolForce Command and investigated by the SolForce Intelligence Corps, the Black List is a compilation of all ships and phenomena that cannot be identified as belonging to any of the other known races, as well as ancient alien technologies and other alien menaces within the game.

A phenomenon goes onto the Black List when it clearly represents the agency of an unknown intelligence, and looks to have some unique properties. The fact that a "mystery" is eventually solved does not cause reordering of the Black List.

Both the Hiver Empire and Tarak Empire maintain their own versions of the "Black List". The Morrigi Federation version of the "Black List" is much more along the lines of a compendium of stories about haunted ships, dangerous reaches of space and monsters than anything else.

A note on Black 1, 2 and 3Edit

Black 1, Black 2 and Black 3 were the first Hivers bodies recovered after the attack fleet of Obsidian Crown was driven out of the system by Earth's defenses. The Humans recovered the partial remains of a Hiver Warrior, a Hiver worker and a Hiver Prince while sweeping the debris left in orbit. The bodies were given these designations during the autopsies because all three of them, related by blood to Obsidian Crown, had been born with strong black markings.

Their outward appearance and structural differences were so extreme that at first the biologists working with them were not certain that they were the same species. Once the DNA was analyzed, it became clear that they were all wildly different variants of the same species, and Black 1, 2 and 3 were renamed "Hivers" because of their superficial resemblance to insects.

Black 1Edit

... a Hiver Warrior.

Black 2Edit

... a Hiver worker.

Black 3Edit

... a Hiver Prince.

Black 4Edit

... is the Silicoids.

Black 5Edit

... is the Silicoid Queen.

Black 6Edit

... was the first contact with an aggressive Von Neumann device.

Black 7Edit

... is the Takras.

Black 8Edit

... was the Liir.

Black 9Edit

... was the first sighting of an Alien Derelict.

Black 10Edit

... was an Asteroid Monitor.

Black 11Edit

... was a Puppetmaster.

Black 12Edit

... was a System Killer.

Black 13Edit

... is the designation for the Zuul menace when they were simply known as "Slavers" or "Rippers".

Black 14Edit

... was a Colony Trap

Black 15Edit

... was a Tholos tomb of an ancient Morrigi warlord.

Black 16Edit

... was the first Von Neumann Berserker.

Black 17Edit

... was a Locust sighting.

Black 18Edit

... is the Specters.

Black 19Edit

... is the Herald.

Black 20Edit

... is whatever hit the Argos Naval Yard and took the SFS-1 Leviathan with all hands without firing a shot.

Black 21Edit

... is the beginning of the end.