Multiplayer=== It all begins by clicking the multiplayer button on the title screen. A box should pop up with two tabs. One tab is Lan and one is Internet.



Each galaxy you see is a different game being hosted. The location of a galaxy seems to have no importance whatsoever as they often appear in different places for different people.

Galaxies with a RED name have a password.

White means that there is no password and anyone can join.

How to Host a Game?Edit

Hosting is the same regardless of whether you are on LAN or Internet connections

  • Click the Host button in the bottom left corner.
  • Type a name for your game so that other people can find it.
  • Password is optional, unless you don't want unknown people joining your game(blank means no password)
  • You can create a new game, or load any of your previously saved games.
      • You can load any save you have, even if it's from single player
      • Saves from the "beta" version appear to cause a crash in the current version
    • Creating a New game
      • Process is identical to creating a single player game and can be found in the manual

Teamspeak or other voip services.Edit