Pouring money in to this slider allows the player to collect Intel points. These points are used to order missions against another faction to gather intel about them.

The cost of such mission is 50 points, so far they have a 25% chance of success and 5% for critical. With these missions the player can gather information like:

  • Current Research
  • Important Trade Info
  • Random System Info
  • Last Colonized System

To get to this screen you need to go to the Diplomacy and on the top corner of each faction picture there is a little arrow. Click here to cicle through a series of options. The last one (or the first, depending if you cicle left or right) is the Security Tab.

After you manage to spy on someone, the previous choices for Intel will appear and you can pin the fault on another faction! Looks like a good way to start a war between other factions!