How to begin a game?
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The title screen

Warning: Due to game state, do not create a game on a large map, try something with at most 3 or 4 AI.

When you start a game, you have:

  • Three fleets (Survey, Colonizing and Construction fleet)
  • some designs already usable
  • At least three star systems
  • Some starting funds

What you should do at first:

The sort of thing you will see upon first starting a game.

  • Survey nearby planets with at least your survey fleet. The two others fleet can survey too, they are just a little slower for that.
  • Find a planet that can be colonized without crashing your economy. Cost to develop a colony is displayed on planet info and depends of the biohazard level of the planet. Something below 200 is a good target. Don't rush the first planet you find, some survey turns will get you a nice planet !
  • Construct a naval and science station to extend your ships' and sensor's range
  • You can either begin research or study the feasability of a technology . Researching something to improve your economy or help your colonizing fleets could be a good idea.
  • During your first turn, prototyping is free. For this reason, it is advised to prototype a ship of each category with the weapon configuration and modules of your preference. If you don't know the ins and outs of the technologies you have, you can skip that step for the moment. In this case, DO NOT prototype before having a few technologies, prototyping whithout reason can and would destroy your economy !

After several turns:

  • If you extend your empire in one direction, do not forget to relocate your fleets to your boundary

What you should not do:

  • Design a new ship: creating a prototype for a new design cost a lot of time and money, so you should wait to have more funds (and new awesome technologies) to do it. As explained, prototyping during turn 1 is free, use it !
  • Create tons of battle fleets: even the smallest ship has a maintenance cost, no need to create a big battle fleet that will cost money just to be obsolete twenty turns after