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A large missile capable of dispersing a cloud of powerful molecular acid contained in mini-spheres which bind to the hull of a passing ship and eat into it causing damage over time. This missile can only be mounted in a large turret.

Allows: Nanite Missiles

Needs: Heavy planet missiles

Below, the initial weapon stats.

Weapon InfoEdit

Corrosive MissileEdit

Size: Heavy
Mount: Standard
Technology: Corrosive Missile
Cost: 15000
Crew: 3
Power: 1
Supply: 10
Signature: 1
HP: 0
Attributes: Detonating, Explosive, Tracking
Armor Piercing Level: 0
Ricochet Modifier: -10
Critical Hit Rolls: 0
Critical Hit Bonus: -10%
Malfunction Percent: 5%
Malfunction Damage: 150
Weapon Type: Missile
Flight Time: 40 sec.
Corrosive Missile Stats

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Soti2 corrosive missile