DS1 under construction

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Thanks to Elfiwolfe on the Steam forums for this


The base station has to be build by a construction ship. Stations available at start:

  • Naval - for defense, setup support for fleets.
  • Research - needed to get the other stations, to decrease cost of research.
  • Civilian for trade.

Stations can only be build arround planets and moons. You do not have to own the planets.

To build a station

Right click on planet and pick build station.
1. pick a station, pick a fleet with a construction ship.
2. click Select Placement
3. pick the station in the bottom right of screen.
4. pick a grey circle
5. Commit Orders.
To improve a station:
1. Open station manager in upper left.
2. Pick a station.
3. Up arrow on the modules you want to build.
4. Click confirm build order

To Upgrade a station

Each station has 2 numbers under it's icon. first number is number of current modules built. second number is max number of modules Once you hit max number then an upgrade button will show up Also in the station manager icon it will show the number of station you can upgrade.
1. Open station manager in upper left.
2. Click upgrade station (wait a minute)
3. Click station you want to upgrade, Click a construction fleet
4. Click upgrade station (in bottom right)