A variant of the grappler harpoon that drains the target of energy and transferring it to the firing ship as long as they are connected by the super-conducting harpoon cable.

This power transfer reduced the Rate of fire of energy weapons on the target ship and increases them on the firing ship.

Note: this weapon can be stopped by moving out of range (difficult due to energy drain and that you are attached like the grappler Harpoon before) or restoring level 1 or higher shields (cutting the cables)

Weapon InfoEdit

Absorber WhipEdit

Size: Heavy
Mount: Standard
Technology: Absorber Harpoon
Cost: 15000
Crew: 8
Power: 5
Supply: 12
Signature: 5
HP: 40
Attributes: Brawler, Draining, Tracking
Armor Piercing Level: 0
Ricochet Modifier: -1.9
Critical Hit Rolls: 0
Critical Hit Bonus: 0%
Malfunction Percent: 15%
Malfunction Damage: 70
Weapon Type: GrappleHook